Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Treatment For ADHD - Looking At the Risks And Deciding What Is A Better Option For Your Child

I have just been reading a fascinating report in the UK Guardian newspaper about the costs of treatment for ADHD in the UK. Under the Freedom of Information Act, their reporters were able to get their hands on the figures for the costs of ADHD drugs and they are shocking.

In the last four years, there has been a 65% increase in spending for ADHD drugs and this has cost the taxpayer over £31 million a year!

The report goes on to deal with some rather disturbing facts coming out of UK schools at the moment. They interviewed one boy who is now thirteen and has been on the Ritalin drug for ADHD since he was six years old. He hates taking the drug and when he skips a dose, he becomes violent and gets into trouble at school. He admitted that he hated taking the drug because of certain side effects. He feels down, drained and listless. He dislikes that drug intensely but it is the only way that he can control his moods and aggression which are just normal ADHD symptoms.

The other shocking fact from this report reveals that there is considerable pressure on parents from teachers and schools to put their children on these amphetamine type drugs such as Ritalin, or Concerta XL which is a slow releasing form.

So, there must be a cheaper, more effective and less costly treatment for ADHD. Let's face it. There are significant side effects from these drugs and nobody seems to know the long term effects on young children's brains. We are talking about amphetamines here! Who wants to be hyped up on a mind altering drug which destroys appetite and disturbs sleep patterns.?

Fortunately many parents have discovered a much safer, more effective alternative to the amphetamines. There are no side effects and no risks to the health of our children in the short or long term either. Homeopathy, much scorned by many doctors, has actually saved the day.

By choosing a homeopathic remedy as the ideal treatment for ADHD, the child will soon be calmer and will behave better. They can also balance moods, impulsivity will be reduced and concentration and focus will be much better.

Time to get started so that your child will not go down the 'speed' and 'ice' route which is the most popular treatment for ADHD. What is stopping you from choosing a much safer and cheaper option?

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