Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dedicated Teachers Seek Classroom Management Techniques

Classroom management involves a process of ensuring that lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behaviour by students. It is possible to have enough classroom management techniques by prior planning strategies, lack of which may cause some teachers to leave their profession. It is therefore important to spend ample time in developing techniques suitable to develop a set of tools that will allow your classroom to maintain a conducive learning environment as well as a consistent flow of knowledge.

To achieve this, a number of skills should be implemented. Some of the basic skills are:

First the Lessons should be planned having in mind that unexpected things could happen. A teacher should keep her/his students in mind lest they react negatively to a topic and will therefore have counter active measures in place.

Secondly the teacher should also consider the expectations of the students at the beginning of any activity.It are essential that the teacher involves the students in setting the rules as well as the consequences of breaking the set rules. In this way, he ensures that all the students are aware of all the set rules and regulations as well as the outcome of breaking them.Teachers' face a major challenges in establishing positive climate for conducive learning today. This has been caused by drastic changes in the society, and consequently the school atmosphere. Today, students are more exposed to information compared to the earlier times. Students for instance today are more tech savvy and are therefore not afraid of breaking the set rules. In this, classroom management techniques for high school students that were used a decade ago do not work today.

Factors such as financial status, family background, what they watch on television, and so on influence a child's behaviour. This is why some students turn to violence as a means of opposing their teachers simply because they watched something similar on TV. Many teenagers in particular High school students find it difficult to cope with different aspects related to their age. Society expects them to behave like adults though they are unable to behave like one. Making the young adults understand the difference between what is expected of them and what they ought to do is one of the biggest challenges for both teachers and parents.

School learning environment has evolved over the past few years. Classrooms have become more crowded, racially mixed and some also have physically impaired students. Besides, so many high school students get involved in alcohol, drugs and other related issues. Many classroom management techniques for high school such as expulsion, suspension from school and corporal punishment no longer work. In fact, such techniques are more likely to have a negative impact on high school students. To overcome these problems in a classroom effective classroom management techniques should be implemented.

As an educator, you become a mentor rather than an enforcer. You may be the only authoritative figure in students' life at times since, in many families both parents work on full time basis as well as weekends which is the only time they can spend with their children. This has resulted to many parents leaving the role of parenthood to the teacher. A mentor should therefore steer his students towards good behavior and generate a positive attitude towards school.

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