Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ritalin "Kiddie Cocain"

Ritalin, as classified by the D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Agency) is a Schedule II narcotic "the same classification as cocaine". Doctors prescribe this medication for children. Children, as we are all aware of have currently developing brains. This medication, commonly known as "Kiddie Cocaine" is extremely harmful to developed as well as undeveloped neurological issues. In some schools, as much as 20% of the students are prescribed Ritalin.

There are both short-term and long-term side effects of the harmful medication.

Short-term Effects:

    Cardiac problems
    Insomnia issues
    Nervousness issues
    Possible hallucinations
    Suicidal thoughts
    Aggression issues
    Psychotic behavioral issues

Long-term Effects:

    Possible future drug abuse issues
    33% of child anorexia issues are related to the drug as well.
    In a Texas State study, it was found that in a 3-month period, 1 in 12 children had a genetic associated increase risk of cancer.

Frequently, insurance companies cover only costs of "traditional" treatments such as p.c.p. (Primary Care Physicians) or medication costs. Many Americans are mesmerized by the "quick fix" solutions offered by doctors by way of medications. That said, Americans are more apt to take a pill for medical issues rather than attempt an alternate method or holistic approach.

Stated by CBSNEWS, dated January 18, 2001:

    A powerful prescription has gotten into the wrong hands-children’s hands.
    They’re taking this (Ritalin) to get up in the daytime and get their schoolwork done, or just to fit in the crowd, to be cool.
    One of the DEA’s most tightly controlled drugs, Ritalin, has the agency worried since it’s easy to get and kids believe it’s safe.
    The DEA is set to distribute a pamphlet to school warning about potential Ritalin abuse and recommending tight storage and supervision to stem the problem. One company is developing another safeguard - a skin patch for slow release of the drug.

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