Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ADHD Help - Are You Sure You Are Getting The Right Advice To Really Help Your Child?

I was very moved to read about the story of a twenty one year old woman who has been on ADHD medications for quite some time now and cannot get off them. It is clear from her story that she did not get the right sort of ADHD help when she most needed it.

Let me explain a bit better. She started taking Ritalin when she was eighteen because her school life had been chaotic due to her ADHD. The effects were almost immediate in that she was less moody, she was able to focus better and distractability was much less of a problem. She stopped being so impulsive so that shouting out during lessons ceased to be an issue.

After three years on this drug, she has noticed that she feels she may become addicted or totally dependent on it. She has also suffered from an eating disorder in that she stopped eating for a while. She has developed twitching and cannot sleep at night. Her greatest fear is that is she stops taking the drug, she may just go to pieces.

Another story I read about also points up the same problem about how and when to get ADHD help. This parent put her son in Adderall and now, after just two years on this medication, the effects have started to wear off. The old problems of fidgeting, restlessness, impulsive behavior and being difficult and argumentative have all come back. Again this parent needs ADHD help but she is trying another type of medication called Concerta to see if this works.

Did you notice a common thread in these two stories? They both relied on medication alone. The medication can certainly relieve symptoms as we have seen. It produces some nasty side effects, begins to wear off after some time and really does nothing to solve the real problems of ADHD.

How many times have we heard that pills do not teach skills. There is a lot of truth in this because most research now shows that unless behavior modification and coping skills are taught, the ADHD child has little chance of success. The pills will only provide symptom relief and that is all, I am afraid. ADHD behavior therapy is now regarded as the mainstay of treatment and sometimes medication is also used but less and less.

What are the alternatives to medication with powerful stimulants which are based on amphetamine and which are mind altering drugs? We can try herbal remedies, homeopathic and other remedies which have few or no side effects and work just as well, if not better. Why not click through to the site I have prepared to get the ADHD help you need now. This is where you start.

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